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Meet the Aero-Coms team of trainers/coaches & mentors

Our native or bilingual team of commercial pilots are here to support, teach and encourage you - however, above all we are mentors who understand that our role is to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of our students.



Daniel Beishon.JPG

Founder & Executive Director AERO-COMS

Daniel Beishon

Airline Pilot A330 MRTT & Flight Instructor from England/France. 

EASA FCL.055 Examiner & ICAO Language Proficiency Examiner/Rater/Trainer  

Hi, I am the founder of AERO-COMS TRAINING and AERO-COACHING.

offering tailor-made English language courses, specialising in the field of aviation.  

I am responsible for writing the courses, delivering courses to my international students, providing support to my team as well as the strategic directions, vision, growth and performance of Aero-Coms. However, and most importantly, I am also responsible for ALL my students overall experience whilst they are training or being coached by us.  


Being an English language trainer myself for more than 7 years, plus being an EASA FCL.055 examiner (up to level 6) and language skills examiner / tester / ICAO trainer, I have extensive experience of writing and creating the perfect program/course adapted to individual levels, schedules and objectives. My experience as a flight instructor and a pilot on Airbus 330 has given me experience and knowledge that I can pass on to my students throughout any course.

You'll always find me with a positive attitude and a smile on my face so, please do come and realise your potential today and book your English training or coaching with a team of experts who care about your success.

Gabriel Munoz

Aero-coms Mentor

Gabriel Marin

Commercial Airline Pilot from Spain - First Officer ATR 42/72 for Zimex

VFR/IFR single-pilot and multi-pilot

Through the years, I’ve learned how to handle R/T comms in the real world, where cultures, languages and expertise differs greatly from what’s presented in the training manuals. 


Even though it’s the last priority of the well known “Aviate, Navigate, Communicate”, having a solid knowledge on aviation R/T, allows you to avoid every-day threats and to extract all resources from Air Traffic Services.

Justin Visser

Aero-coms Mentor

Justine Visser

Commercial Airline Pilot from England - First Officer A320 for British Airways 

Flight instructor

As a commercial pilot flying to all corners of Europe, I understand the importance of quality, effective communication. The positive impact good communication skills can have on safety cannot be underestimated - and can also lead to a much more rewarding and stress-free day above the clouds!

I'm passionate about passing on my knowledge and experience to others,

and helping them achieve their potential in aviation "


Aero-coms Mentor

Darren Hague

Commercial Airline Pilot A330 - Flight Instructor from the UK

Having flown as a flight instructor I understand the importance of quality instruction through specialised training, ensuring student satisfaction and progress to reach their aviation goals.


Aero-coms Mentor

Noël Cauver

Private charter pilot from France - PC12/Mustang/DA62

Flight Instructor, TKI

Passionate about everything that flies, I am keen to pass on my experience and knowledge to students but above all, help them succeed as future pilots.


Naturally optimistic and highly motivated, I hope that through our tailor-made training and coaching your success will become ours

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