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English is recognised as the most dominant language in the business world. Therefore, excellent communication skills in business English are essential for getting ahead at work and can result in new opportunities for your chosen career path. 

Learn how to create a professional and structured cover letter and CV to make you stand out from the crowd. Develop and enhance your interviewing techniques and be prepared on how to answer commonly asked job interview questions in proficient English.

This course will also give you the opportunity to build your vocabulary and improve your language skills to achieve your professional goals. By understanding the communication skills needed in an interview or workplace, you will gain confidence to build strong relationships with your management team, peers and clients.


A well-written personalised cover letter is crucial to ensure your name is at the top of the interview pile!

The ultimate aim of your cover letter is to make yourself memorable, stand out and give your future employer a clear indication of the type of person you are.

We will guide, advise and teach you on the essentials your cover letter needs.


A CV is the employer’s first impression of your credentials, so it’s important to structure it in a way that best showcases your accomplishments and experience.

Our experienced teachers will help those who are job seeking to those who simply just want to polish their CV, deliver a more effective presentation of their working and educational history, leading to their dream job.


With expert advice on job interview techniques, you'll be able to get interview ready fast!

Whether you are trying to figure out what the most common interview questions are, you want to know how to answer 2nd interview questions, or you've got a competency based interview coming up - we'll teach you the best techniques in interview training.   

We will help you...

Personalise your cover letter  

Give expert advice on job interview techniques

Effectively structure your CV to include specific opportunities focusing on impact to help you achieve your professional goals

Book a 100% FREE session with us today to assess your level and determine your goals!


Course objectives

CV preparation and feedback

Cover letter preparation and feedback 

Typical interview questions

Prepare for all questions asked, all scenarios

Tips to really impress the interviewer

Gain confidence

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