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EASA requires all pilots applying for an instrument rating to complete a special language proficiency assessment in accordance with FCL.055(d).


Holders of an instrument rating must be able to communicate in English at the appropriate proficiency level. The demonstration of English language skills for instrument rating holders must follow an assessment method established by any competent authority.

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The EASA IR English Proficiency Exam is designed to evaluate a pilot's ability to use standard aviation and IFR-related phraseology in real-world scenarios. The LPE creates the scenario during the IR English exam.

The requirements of the FCL.055(d) include the ability to use the English language for the following:

IN FLIGHTS: R/T relevant for all phases of flight, including emergency situations.

ON THE GROUND: all relevant information for the execution of a flight, as listed below; 

  • Be able to read, demonstrate and understand technical manuals written in English. For example; operation manuals and flight manuals etc.

  • Pre-flight planning, weather information, NOTAMs and ATC flight plan etc.

  • Aeronautical routes, departure/approach charts and associated documents.

COMMUNICATION: be able to communicate with other crew members in English during all phases of flight including flight preparation.

We perform this examination under the LAB/LTB/TSP Certificate holder ProfiPilot, s.r.o.

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