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This IFR English training has been created and well structured for PPL/CPL/IR students or graduates who would like to learn IFR or improve their current level. The training will allow you to acquire an advanced level to know and apply IFR radiotelephony in English.

Explanations of advanced sentence structures

English pronunciation exercises

Continuous conversations for speed and fluency

Aviation vocabulary for complex situations

ICAO IFR aviation phraseology

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Book a 100% FREE session with us today to assess your level and determine your goals!

General operational phraseology

Aerodrome control phraseology

Radar control phraseology

Approach control phraseology

Zone control phraseology

Distress and urgency messages

Meteorological Information Phraseology

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Course objectives

Know the basics of English

Learn advanced aviation English vocabulary

Be able to listen to all English phraseology

Ability to communicate in English in IFR

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